Custom Production Flooring Coatings & Solutions

Roxset provides world class customised production food safe flooring coatings to the Australian food and beverage industry

Roxset was founded over 30 years ago in response to technical production epoxy flooring coating issues which remained unresolved within the parameters of compliance practices at that time especially for major Food and Beverage manufacturers. Roxset were pioneers in developing an innovative solution to address the key issues of employee safety, audit requirements both local and global and providing a 24×7 service to geographically remote areas due to its uniquely large in-house team and mobility.

Roxset Layered Application System


Coatings & Finishes

A great range of options to suit your individual environment

Roxset recognises that no one flooring solution is suitable for every environment and aims to provide a range of epoxy flooring coatings to suit your individual production requirements. We have developed a unique non-slip floor coating system, including: durable Epoxy flooring coatings, Polyurethane (PU) concrete floor finishes and  Methyl methacrylate (MMA) Flooring . We also have a seamless epoxy wall coating system.

epoxy flooring coatings


Our patented epoxy flooring coatings come in a variety of finishes. Ideal for use in food production and processing areas. anywhere an impervious slip-resistant food-safe surface is required. Read more…

polyurethane PU flooring coatings


The Protek UV Polyurethane (PU) concrete flooring coating range caters for the demanding service conditions found in food production, processing and packaging environments. Read more…

stone carpet flooring


Stone Carpet Flooring is ideal for use in Car Showrooms, Retail Stores, Conservatories, Atriums, Reception Halls, Conference Zones, Exhibition Areas, Restaurants and Cafes.
Read more…

epoxy resin polyurethane wall coating


Roxset’s epoxy wall to floor coatings offers customised coving’s, fixtures and more. Our wall coatings are seamlessly connected to the floor using our custom coving technology. Read more…

The Roxset Difference

Features & Benefits

  • Long term underfoot anti-slip solutions to ensure OH&S is maintained
  • Rapid high volume out of hours installation service available 24 x 7
  • Mobility servicing remote areas including rural areas & overseas locations
  • Re-engineer and construction of flooring and coving to ensure a seamless result
  • Detailed heavy duty epoxy to coving, penetrations, hobbs & drainage
  • Proven success in the industry with over 30 over years experience
  • Colour options with the ability to custom match any corporate colour desired
  • High grade chemical resistance to blood, fats and oils and will not harbour bacteria
  • Correct falls to floor wastes to ensure a protective impervious finish
  • Waterproof jointing and protection from moving heavy traffic vehicles
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Flooring Solutions by Industry

Food Flooring Coatings FOOD PROCESSING – Slip-resistant and hygienic flooring, is a crucial factor in any food production or processing area. Read more…

Winery Flooring WINERIES – Every year Wineries in Australia spend millions of dollars repairing or replacing failed concrete production floors.  Read more…

Poultry Flooring for Poultry Farmer & Processors POULTRY PROCESSING – It is especially important in the poultry industry to prevent financial loss and health contamination. Read more…

abattoir flooring for meat processing factories ABATTOIRS & MEAT PROCESSING – Roxset has a long established history in the meat processing Industry working with key clients. Read more…

Bakery Flooring for Dry Good Processors BAKERY & DRY GOODS – Roxset SE has superior temperature resistance to handle the extremes of heat and cold in bakery environments. Read more…

Seafood Flooring for Seafood Processing areas SEAFOOD PROCESSING – A durable, slip-resistant finish which is hygienic and very long lasting is important in the Seafood Industry. Read more…

Dairy Flooring for Dairy Processing Factories DAIRY PRODUCTION – Temperature & Heat resistant flooring is a crucial factor for the production of diary products. Read more…

Beverage & Bottling Factory Flooring BEVERAGE & BOTTLING – Beverage and Bottling facilities present a unique set of challenges when it comes to flooring. Read more…

Hospitality Flooring for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs HOSPITALITY – Roxset has been providing durable coatings to the hospitality industry, including Hotels, Clubs and Bars. Read more…

Commercial Kitchen Flooring for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchen area COMMERCIAL KITCHENS – Commercial kitchens both serve the public direct or functioning as a boutique food processing business. Read more…

Pharmaceutical Flooring for Labs & Chemical Safe Areas PHARMACEUTICAL – Pharmaceutical and biotechnology flooring must constantly meet the highly specialised performance standards. Read more…

Health & Safety Flooring for Medical, Health & Aged Care Facilities HEALTH & AGED CARE – As an industry, the health care industry are very dependant on long lasting, slip resistant sanitary flooring.  Read more…

Retail Outlet Flooring for shopping centres, amenities and storefronts RETAIL OUTLETS – Slip-resistant and hygienic flooring, is a crucial factor for many retail outlets and shopping centres. Read more…

Education Flooring Solutions for Schools, TAFE's & Universities EDUCATION – Educational institutions such as primary schools and universities require durable, slip resistant floors. Read more…

Automotive Showroom & Workshop Flooring Solutions AUTOMOTIVE – Car and Truck dealer ships require pristine showrooms as a foundation for sales. Read more…

Industrial Flooring for Factories INDUSTRIAL & MINING – Durable flooring is a crucial factor in any high traffic, hard wearing environment. Read more…

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