Roxset Flooring Advantages

Non Slip

Roxset coatings come in a variety of degrees of slip-resistance, and comply with all industry standards to ensure that the health and safety of both the staff and customers is maintained.

High Abrasion & Chemical Resistance – Will not harbour bacteria

Roxset Flooring’s unique epoxy flooring coating system is durable (20+ years), seamless and has high chemical resistance. This combination results in a clean and hygienic floor that will not harbour bacteria.

Durability – Long lasting (20 years +) full materials & installation warranty

The life of the flooring is one of the most important factors when installing a new floor. It must meet the intended level of usage while maintaining its performance standards and requirements. Roxset Flooring Systems are highly durable (20+ years), making it ideal for commercial applications, particularly in production and processing environments with high volume, continuous operations.

Traffic & Mechanical Wear Ideal for High Traffic Areas

In high traffic areas where floors are impacted from moving heavy vehicles and equipment it is essential to ensure that the stresses generated are not higher than the strength of the flooring material. A floor must be capable of withstanding various weight load standards but it can only function as well as the substrate (concrete slab or screed) to which it is applied. Roxset’s floor preparation systems ensure any weaknesses within the existing substrate are corrected as part of the total flooring application.

High/low temperature tolerant

Thermal shock can be a contributor to premature floor failure. It is important to consider plant and machinery operating temperatures and fluctuations that can potentially cause deterioration to occur. Roxset’s unique coating system is both high & low temperature tolerant, making it ideal for wet & dry processing areas and temperature controlled rooms. Apart from the ambient room and floor surface temperatures, the thermal conductivity of the substrate is the most significant factor. This being the case, the subjective influence of a particular colour shade (Warm or Cool) should not be underestimated, particularly in large areas where a consistent temperature is hard to achieve.

Easy to clean, low cost maintenance, readily repaired

To ensure that your new flooring stays in optimum condition and provides you with years of durability and performance, we provide advice and recommendations for the ongoing cleaning and maintenance of the flooring system.