Flooring Advantages & Features

NON-SLIP – Roxset coatings come in a variety of degrees of slip-resistance, and comply with all industry standards.

HIGH ABRASION & CHEMICAL RESISTANCE – Roxset’s epoxy flooring coating system is durable, seamless with high chemical resistance.

WATERPROOF & SEAMLESS – Environmental protection law dictates that floor coatings have to provide an impermeable seal.

DURABLE / LONG LASTING (20+ YEARS) – Flooring Systems are highly durable (20+ years), making it ideal for commercial applications.

TRAFFIC & MECHANICAL WEAR – In high traffic areas where floors are impacted from moving heavy vehicles.

HIGH / LOW TEMPERATURE TOLERANT – Our coating system is both high & low temperature tolerant, ideal for wet & dry areas.

EASY TO CLEAN / LOW MAINTENANCE – A Roxset flooring coating stays in optimum condition to provides you with years of durability.

HYGIENE BIOMASTER – Biomaster offers continuous protection for all environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

FIRE RESISTANCE – The complete range of Roxset flooring coatings have been rigorously tested and certified for Fire Resistance.

NEUTRAL ODOUR VOC FREE – The Roxset range of coatings are classified as VOC Free with a neutral odour.

HACCP, AQIS & FOOD SAFE APPROVED – providing customers with a product that is of the highest quality and complies with the latest standards and codes of practice on OH&S