Breakout River Meats

Breakout River calls Cowra NSW home. Cowra is nestled on the banks of the Lachlan River just down stream from Wyangala Dam which is the storage dam for the river system.

Breakout River Pty Ltd was started by Chris Cummins in December 2005 and went into business in April 2006 after months of preparation. Breakout River then became a partner in Cowra Meat Processors and was the main drive behind getting the closed Cowra plant which went into liquidation operational again.

The high quality meat, which includes lamb, beef and pork at Breakout has a longer shelf life then competitors because the killing and chilling process that allow for long bleed time in the ample chiller space. There are 12 big chillers in the plant with never any need to push hot meat onto cold meat as does happen in other plants because of the
lack of chiller space.

The Challenge

To provide HACCP certified hygienic floor coatings to various areas of the meat processing factory including the upgrade of the Kill Floors, Passageways, Boot Wash, Forman’s Office and chiller rooms.

The Solution

HACCP Meat Grade Roxset SE 3 at 5-6mm was installed to create a seamless, anti bacterial, easy to clean, gap free coating maintaining an impervious, ultra hygienic finish. The non slip, chemically resistant finishes have with a light reflective
surface ensures the coating is aesthetically pleasing as well as being able to withstand the inevitable impacts of harsh cleaning regimes, while being safe for employees.

“We are delighted with the quality floor coating and the installation recently done by the team at Roxset. They are a proven performer in the Abattoir and Meat Processing Industry and we can feel confident the HACCP grade coating for our Plant will offer exceptional performance and longevity.

Peter Browne, General Manager