Food Safe Flooring Solutions for Food Processing Facilities

Roxset provides world class customised flooring solutions to the Food Processing Industry

Food processing factories present a unique set of challenges when it comes to food safe flooring.  Constant wet conditions, temperature extremes, corrosion with acids and alkalis, and high pressure hosing means the floor needs to withstand severe punishment whilst being pristine and aesthetically pleasing. Our custom food factory flooring is non slip and support stringent safety and hygiene regulations such as HACCP, AQIS, BRC, FSANZ. The cost of shut downs to replace flooring is prohibitive for many food companies so it is critical to make the right decision.

Key Challenges

  • HACCP & Quality Assurance
  • Extreme Temperature Protection
  • Excellent Aesthetics
  • Fast Installation

Roxset SE coating solutions are compliant with:

Key specialised areas

  • Wash down Areas
  • Processing Areas
  • Preparation Rooms
  • Cool Rooms
  • Cooking & Canning Areas
  • Load Out Areas
  • Frozen Food Areas
  • Fresh Food Areas
  • Extruder Areas

In our fast moving dynamic environment we needed a partner to provide a highly responsive, quality floor coating. Roxset has always impressed us by consistently going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

Kishore Matta. MD, Jewel Fine Foods

Best Practice Flooring for Food Processing

A food processing facility is typically exposed to all sorts of food by-products, including fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions and natural food acid. These by-products can cause serious damage to concrete due to the level of corrosion. Corrosion in concrete can result in uncontrolled growth of bacteria which may result in harmful tainting of food and impact HACCP Best Practice Regulations. Food and Beverage floors must be thick and durable enough to create a protective barrier, being achievable with a Roxset SE epoxy flooring solution.

Roxset SE epoxy flooring solutions are 100% solid and used by demanding food processors (such as meat and dairy processors). This is due to the Roxset epoxy floor’s strong bonding characteristics, resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, and ability to endure frequent hot water at high pressure as part of the sanitary cleaning regime.

Recent Project Images
Food Production Flooring - Chiko Roll
Food Production Flooring - Simplot Food Factory
Food Production Flooring - Simplot Food Factory
Food Production Flooring - Simplot Food Factory
Poultry Flooring for Inglewood Poultry production farm
Food Production Flooring - Mcoy Snackfoods
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The Roxset Difference

Features & Benefits

  • Long term underfoot anti-slip solutions to ensure OH&S is maintained
  • Rapid high volume out of hours installation service available 24 x 7
  • Mobility servicing remote areas including rural areas & overseas locations
  • Re-engineer and construction of flooring and coving to ensure a seamless result
  • Detailed heavy duty epoxy to coving, penetrations, hobbs & drainage
  • Proven success in the industry with over 30 over years experience
  • Colour options with the ability to custom match any corporate colour desired
  • High grade chemical resistance to blood, fats and oils and will not harbour bacteria
  • Correct falls to floor wastes to ensure a protective impervious finish
  • Waterproof jointing and protection from moving heavy traffic vehicles

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