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Roxset ‘Meats’ Hygiene Requirements of GM Scott

GM Scott Flooring

Roxset ‘Meats’ Hygiene Requirements of GM Scott

GM Scott is a highly regarded and well-established processor in the meat industry who take the utmost pride in quality, health and safety of their operation. As a major supplier to the super market chains they had to act quickly when it was discovered their product had been tainted by an odorous by product of a building application.

The Challenge

GM Scott turned to Roxset to rapidly install a new production floor. Roxset immediately responded and replaced nearly 1000sqm of area with Roxset SE3 R13, a 4-6mm hard-wearing resin system which includes coving and expansion joints providing an impervious surface that provides superior protection against bacteria and dangerous allergens.

Rapidly installing an ultra hygienic floor whilst having minimum impact on production time for our customers was a #1 priority and Roxset exceeded this challenge. They helped restore client confidence to get our business back on track”.
Len Jones, General Manager GM Scott

Seamless, Anti-Slip Solution

Roxset has extensive experience in laying HACCP/AQIS/FoodSafe standard flooring for some of the largest abattoirs in the country and this system is pressure cleanable with a very high degree of slip resistance ideal for wet food processing and preparation areas. The installation of the Roxset SE3 transformed the GM Scott plant into a bright safe and hygienic environment.