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Andrews ‘Meats’ OH&S Standards

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Andrews ‘Meats’ OH&S Standards

Andrews Meat Industries is a family owned company who have provided meat solutions across the food industry for over 40 years.   They are one of the most dynamic and progressive meat distributors in the country. Their production and distribution facility is located at Sydney’s inner west at Lidcombe.

This facility mainly focus’s on portion cutting and processing and in 2012 was significantly upgraded to include the latest state of the art technology for processing equipment, such as Marel, Cryovac and Roxset’s SE Epoxy Coating for the flooring.

As part of ensuring that a very high level of quality and Health & Safety standards were met at Andrews Meats, it was crucial that the flooring system chosen could meet rigorous hygiene HACCP and OH&S requirements.   With a focus on local distribution to healthcare providers, hotels, resorts and restaurants and having to meet HALAL compliance, Roxset’s SE Epoxy Coating was chosen as it consistently meets the highest standards of safety certification.

Roxset’s SE Epoxy Coating is the ideal choice for large Meat Processing environments.  It provides an attractive, resilient and robust surface with an impervious finish.   It has seamless properties which prevent build up of dirt and bacteria in the cracks, crevices and joints making the floor easy to clean and sterilize – a crucial factor in the meat industry.

Andrews Meat chose ROXSET over other applicators as it had installed our SE Epoxy coatings at the Dulwich Hill Factory 17 years ago. The SE Coating, which is renowned for its longevity, durability and non-slip (R13) properties was proven to withstand a very harsh and demanding meat processing environment over the long term.

The ROXSET SE Floor gives our new facility a superior and seamless hygienic finish that we know will stand the test of time and mitigate any serious impact of bacterial transfer,  which is critical to our business”
Peter Andrews, Managing Director

Nearly 2000sqm of ROXSET SE3 was installed in the new upgraded facility across a complex drainage pattern, and a 6ml profile in vibrant red was laid in the production, chiller and preparation areas as well as the staff amenities.

Food Hygiene Standards

ROXSET SE2 was the ideal choice in the amenities areas as it is hardwearing, ultra hygienic with antimicrobial properties providing 99% bacterial protection.

This leading edge modern facility is a great showcase of the flexibility of the Roxset SE Epoxy production coating solution to suit every element of floor surface demands across the many work zones at a large intensive meat processing company.