HACCP Flooring Health & Safety Features

HACCP flooring health & safety features include a surface that is highly resistant to chemical attack and the action of commercial traffic. Roxset SE helps minimise the physical and biological risk of potential hazards. The Roxset SE product resin bases are all certifiable food grade and will not introduce any toxicity or odour to your plant during installation or over the products long term life.

Easy to clean & maintain epoxy flooringHygiene – Biomaster, The Ultimate Protection

Even with the best Hygiene practices to help prevent the spread of bacteria, this is not entirely reliable. Biomaster offers continuous protection for all environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance such as the food, beverage and healthcare industries.

Fire resistant flooringFire Resistance

The complete range of Roxset flooring coatings have been rigorously tested and certified for Fire Resistance. With strict Fire Resistant standards in place, it is important to ensure that all flooring coatings comply with current regulations. This includes all areas of a facility, from production and storage areas to common areas, walk ways and fire escape routes.

Neutral Odour VOC Free flooring applicationsNeutral odour VOC Free

Strong-smelling and solvent-containing products are often responsible for sensitivity reactions of applicators and end users. The Roxset range of coatings are classified as VOC Free with a neutral odour, in consideration of the impact this may have on others.

Waterproof Sealed flooring coatingsWaterproof seamless

Environmental protection law dictates that floor coatings have to provide an impermeable seal. This means reliable containment and disposal of liquid pollutants, which are also chemically corrosive, such as those in food processing environments containing milk, meat, vegetables, etc.

roxset certified haccp flooringOH&S – AQIS, FoodSafe NSW & HACCP Approved

Roxset is committed to providing customers with a product that is of the highest quality and complies with the latest standards and codes of practice on OH&S. The Roxset SE Epoxy technology is a seamless, impervious coating system which is easily cleaned and maintained making it an economical and durable surface.


HACCP Flooring

Roxset Flooring has developed a unique product unlike any other in the market that has exceptional properties which meets the stringent OH&S requirements with AQIS Food Safe, TGA, and HACCP particularly within the food processing industry. HACCP flooring is one of the most important factors within a food processing environment.

haccp flooring

Colour Guide

We can match a colour or choose from our Colour Guide

The Roxset SE product range is coloured with a colour-flow dispersion to ensure a ‘colourfast’ floor throughout its life. We have a range of in-house colours to choose from, or we can also custom match any corporate colour desired. Read more…

PU, MMA epoxy flooring colour guide