Poultry Factory Flooring for Poultry Processing

Roxset provides world class customised flooring solutions to the Poultry Processing and Production Industry

Poultry factory flooring is especially important in the production of poultry products. Roxset has extensive experience with installations in poultry processing environments from large processing plants to retail outlets where an non hygienic environment or unsanitary conditions can often lead to tasteless product spoilage and worse – food borne illnesses. To prevent financial loss and health contamination, flooring for Poultry processing facilities flooring must support stringent disinfection and sanitation practices. Roxset SE has a can stand up to regular washing and steam cleaning and keep your plant hygienic and free from bacterial build up.

Features & Benefits

  • Hygiene Anti Slip and Safety
  • Heavy Wet Area Protection
  • Export/HACCP Compliance
  • Correct falls to floor wastes to ensure efficient drainage
  • Long lasting durable solution

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Our Clients

Roxset have worked with M&J Chickens for many years in maintaining and upgrading our factories. They provide rapid response and flexibility which is critical in our business.

Mina Souris, Owner M&J Chicken

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