Unique Epoxy Flooring Technology

Our composite flooring system ensures you get the best performance from your new floor

Roxset Australia recognises that no one floor solution is suitable for every environment and aims to provide a custom tailored solution to suit our customers requirements. We spend time covering all the critical elements so that your production floor performs just the way you want it to. Roxset has developed a range of unique Epoxy Flooring, Polyurethane concrete (PU) Flooring , Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Flooring & Polyester Flooring and epoxy wall coating systems. With varying degrees of slip resistance, our floors and walls have a seamless, hygienic, impervious finish, making it one of the most cost effective durable flooring solutions available today.

Multi-Layer Application:

  1. Existing Floor Preparation
  2. Roxset WS Super Bonding Agent
  3. Roxset Epoxy Mortar Grading Screeds
  4. Roxset WS Interlayer Bonding Agent
  5. Roxset Epoxy Mortar Coving
  6. Roxset SE Epoxy Coating
  7. Roxset SE Epoxy Finishing Top Coats

Roxset Multi-Layer Application Stages

Roxset Substrate Preparation

The Roxset preparation system includes removal of existing vinyl, tile and resin coatings by, Scabbling, Shot Blasting, Diamond Grinding and other methods.

Features & Benefits

  • High bond integrity
  • Multiple surface type preparation
  • Fast productivity
  • Quality & assurance protection
  • Dealing with underlying issues

Roxset WS Super Bonding Agent

This allows for the bonding of cementitious screeds to prepared substrates giving a superior bond between layers eg. Substrata and Screed or Substrata and Roxset SE coatings.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate strength (80 mpa)
  • Secure bonding of wet concrete screeds to substrate
  • Superior Bonding

Grading Screeds

All Roxset screeds are either polymer modified cemetitious or epoxy mortars. Trowel finished, graded to waste outlets, drains or ramps. This provides a long lasting cost effective drainage screed.

Features & Benefits

  • Facilitate drainage with clean run off to waste outlets & drains
  • Re-profile negative fall areas
  • Tailored to meet food safe HACCP approved standards
  • Fast install and cost effective
  • Eliminates the requirement for the pouring of structured concrete slabs
  • Durability that withstands forklift and trolley traffic

Roxset WS Bonding Agent

Allows for the superior boding of the Roxset SE flooring system to epoxy screeds or existing substrate.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid install – 24 hours after cementitious screed application
  • Superior and secure bonding to green concrete

Roxset Epoxy Mortar Coving

Fabricated hand towelled in-situ, radius option range 30-400mm with arrowhead to panel, Can also be fitted arrowhead to panel wall or to concrete hobb work. Extruded aluminium section fixed to insulated panel walls allowing for formation of Roxset Coving.

Features & Benefits

  • Seamless floor to wall connectivity
  • Eliminates cracks & bacteria growth
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Provides detail to penetration, plinths and footings
  • Meets regulatory requirements with HACCP, AQIS, Food Safe & DPI & BRC

Roxset SE Epoxy Coating

Roxset SE is a superior high performance trowel on resin system. It can be applied in various thicknesses (up to 10mm) and provides a high level of protection to the existing substrate.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemical, Temperature & Impact Resistance
  • Asset protection with long term durability
  • Allows for a superior depth anti-slip aggregate for a long term slip resistant surface
  • Meets regulatory requirements with HACCP, AQIS, Food Safe & DPI & BRC

Roxset Epoxy Finishing TopCoat

The Roxset top coat is the final layer of our high performance resin system.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a lock for surface aggregates
  • Allows for an even finish with aesthetic appeal
  • Secures the flooring slip resistant qualities

Roxset Multi-Layered Flooring Features

Find out more about our unique layered system

Roxset recognises that no one floor solution is suitable for every environment and aims to provide a range of coating options to suit your individual production requirements. We have developed a unique slip-resistant floor coating system, including: durable Epoxy Resin Flooring (Polyurethane concrete floor finishes and (PU) Flooring) Methyl methacrylate (MMA) Flooring & Polyester Flooring Systems and a seamless epoxy wall coating system.


Roxset SE Flooring Benefits

NON-SLIP – Roxset coatings come in a variety of degrees of slip-resistance, and comply with all industry standards.

HIGH ABRASION & CHEMICAL RESISTANCE – Roxset’s epoxy flooring coating system is durable, seamless with high chemical resistance.

WATERPROOF & SEAMLESS – Environmental protection law dictates that floor coatings have to provide an impermeable seal.

DURABLE / LONG LASTING (20+ YEARS) – Flooring Systems are highly durable (20+ years), making it ideal for commercial applications.

TRAFFIC & MECHANICAL WEAR – In high traffic areas where floors are impacted from moving heavy vehicles.

HIGH / LOW TEMPERATURE TOLERANT – Our coating system is both high & low temperature tolerant, ideal for wet & dry areas.

EASY TO CLEAN / LOW MAINTENANCE – A Roxset flooring coating stays in optimum condition to provides you with years of durability.

HYGIENE BIOMASTER – Biomaster offers continuous protection for all environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

FIRE RESISTANCE – The complete range of Roxset flooring coatings have been rigorously tested and certified for Fire Resistance.

NEUTRAL ODOUR VOC FREE – The Roxset range of coatings are classified as VOC Free with a neutral odour.

Colour Guide

We can match a colour or choose from our Colour Guide

The Roxset SE product range is coloured with a colour-flow dispersion to ensure a ‘colourfast’ floor throughout its life. We have a range of in-house colours to choose from, or we can also custom match any corporate colour desired. Read more…

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