Custom Epoxy Floor Coatings & Solutions

Roxset provides world class customised production food safe epoxy flooring to the Australian food and beverage industry

Roxset was founded over 30 years ago to resolve production flooring issues. Roxset continues to pioneer a range of innovative solutions to address key compliance issues including employee safety, food hygiene requirements, workplace practices and flooring integrity. With its large in-house team and refined installation processes, Roxset offer a 24×7 service throughout Australia (including remote locations) to the food and beverage industry.


Australia/NZ & Asia Pacific Projects

With 1000’s of successful projects spanning 30 years, Roxset has consistently demonstrated its skills in delivering food production floors in the most challenging environments.

From its large modern factory facilities incorporating a diverse fleet of trucks, ranging from small utes to HD semi-trailers which are located both in NSW and QLD, Roxset can provide customised tailored flooring ranging from large, small and regional clients and also services remote locations anywhere in Australia. Our integrated map shows the extent of Roxset service locations and installations.

Latest News

Its been a busy 2022, lots of projects underway, here are some examples of our latest work.

Peninsula Hot Springs

The hottest new venue in Victoria, the Peninsula Hot Springs are rapidly growing their unique establishment…

Good Folks Brewery

New startup brewery the Good Folks have started off their enterprise with a clean ready to go purpose built floor

P&H Fine Foods

Specialty fine foods producer P&H Fine Foods installed over 1000sqm of Roxset SE our a superior non-slip coating

Goodman Fielder

Food giant Goodman Fielder has just finished a new flooring project at their Moorebank factory

Flooring Coatings & Finishes

Roxset recognises that no one flooring solution is suitable for every environment and aims to provide a range of epoxy flooring coatings to suit your individual production requirements. We have developed a unique non-slip floor coating system, including: durable Epoxy flooring coatings, Polyurethane (PU) concrete floor finishes and Methyl methacrylate (MMA) Flooring . We also have a seamless epoxy wall coating system.
Epoxy floor coating
Epoxy Wall Coatings

Features & Benefits


NON-SLIP – Roxset coatings come in a variety of degrees of slip-resistance, and comply with all industry standards.

Waterproof Sealed flooring coatings

WATERPROOF & SEAMLESS – Environmental protection law dictates  floor coatings have to have an impermeable seal.


TRAFFIC & MECHANICAL WEAR – In high traffic areas where floors are impacted from moving heavy vehicles.


EASY TO CLEAN / LOW MAINTENANCE – Our flooring coating stays in optimum condition with years of durability.

Fire resistant flooring

FIRE RESISTANCE – The full range of Roxset coatings have been rigorously tested and certified for Fire Resistance.


HIGH ABRASION & CHEMICAL RESISTANCE – Roxset’s epoxy flooring coating is durable, seamless and chemical resistance.


DURABLE / LONG LASTING (20+ YEARS) – Our coatings are highly durable (20+ years), ideal for commercial applications.


HIGH / LOW TEMPERATURE TOLERANT – Our coatings are both high & low temperature tolerant, ideal for wet & dry areas.


HYGIENE BIOMASTER – Biomaster offers continuous protection for all areas where hygiene is a critical factor.

Neutral Odour VOC Free flooring applications

NEUTRAL ODOUR VOC FREE – The Roxset range of coatings are classified as VOC Free with a neutral odour.

Our Clients

Winery Flooring Solutions - McWilliams Winery

Roxset delivered an exceptional transformation to our boutique winery. The floor coating offers total protection from bacteria & corrosion and looks inviting for customers.

Steve Langham, Winemaker, Piggs Peake Winery

Australia, NZ & Asia Pacific Region

Recent Projects

Read about some of great projects completed this year. We loved working with all of our clients and continue to develop and enhance our product offering to a diverse range of industries including large scale food production facilities, bakeries, restaurants and commercial kitchens, general manufacturing plant managers, and more.