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Ultimate Performance For Blackforest Smoke House

Blackforest Snoke House

Ultimate Performance For Blackforest Smoke House

Gourmet Smallgoods manufacturer “Blackforest Smoke House” required optimum cleanibility and hygiene performance for its food grade floor at the new $5m factory in inner Sydney.

This showcase factory has been purpose built to meet the demands of volume production to Australia’s top supermarkets and with this means OH&S compliance at every level. Richard Deignan is a forth generation member of a prominent meat family and his core focus is on quality and service. Richard turned to ROXSET as they had previously laid the original floor 15years prior and it stood the test of time.

Food Hygiene Requirements

The smallgoods meats processing environment presents hash operating conditions with corrosive by-products such as:- brine, oil, salt, and thermal shock. ROXSET were able to provide a seemless, impervious, anti-slip new production surface with high degrees of resistance to mechanical impact, chemical attack and thermal shock.

ROXSET SE @6mm was laid in the Fridge, Thawing Area, Boning Room, Meat Massage, Curing Room, Bacon Slicing, Blast Freezer & Hallways.

ROXSET SE is HACCP/AQIS compliant and the product is certified for up to R13 slip rating.