Stone Carpet Flooring

Stone carpet flooring is ideal for use in Hospitality & Retail environments. Applications include: Car Showrooms, Retail Stores, Conservatories, Atriums, Reception Halls, Conference Zones & Exhibition Areas, Motels, Hotels, Function Centres, Restaurants and cafes, anywhere a non-slip clean and modern look is required.

Southern Gold (2-4mm)

southern gold stone carpet flooring

Outback (2-4mm)

outback stone carpet flooring

Midnight (2-4mm)

Gunsmoke (1-2mm)

Gunsmoke (2-4mm)

Gunsmoke (4-6mm)

Stone Carpet Flooring Gallery
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Flooring Coatings & Finishes Range

A great range of options to suit your individual environment

Roxset recognises that no one floor solution is suitable for every environment and aims to provide a range of flooring coating options to suit your individual production requirements. We have developed a unique non-slip flooring coatings systems, including: durable Epoxy Resin Flooring, Polyurethane concrete floor finishes and (PU) Flooring, Methyl methacrylate (MMA) Flooring & Polyester Flooring Systems and a seamless epoxy wall coating system.

epoxy flooring


Our patented epoxy flooring coatings come in a variety of finishes. Ideal for use in food production and processing areas. anywhere an impervious slip-resistant food-safe surface is required. Read more…

polyurethane PU flooring


The Protek UV Polyurethane (PU) concrete flooring coating range caters for the demanding service conditions found in food production, processing and packaging environments. Read more…

stone carpet flooring


Stone Carpet Flooring is ideal for use in Car Showrooms, Retail Stores, Conservatories, Atriums, Reception Halls, Conference Zones, Exhibition Areas, Restaurants and Cafes.
Read more…

epoxy resin polyurethane wall coating


Roxset’s epoxy wall to floor coatings offers customised coving’s, fixtures and more. Our wall coatings are seamlessly connected to the floor using our custom coving technology. Read more…

Colour Guide

We can match a colour or choose from our Colour Guide

The Roxset SE product range is coloured with a colour-flow dispersion to ensure a ‘colourfast’ floor throughout its life. We have a range of in-house colours to choose from, or we can also custom match any corporate colour desired. Read more…

PU, MMA epoxy flooring colour guide