Frequently Asked Questions

Is the flooring system moisture tolerant?

Roxset SE can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures plus very moist conditions.

Can it be installed directly to damp concrete?

Roxset SE can be installed directly onto old or new concrete and it has a protective moisture barrier.

Does the high performance resin coating withstand the specific chemicals, acids, alkalis and temperatures in your Food Processing Plant?

Roxset SE can withstand a comprehensive range of chemicals typical in Food or Healthcare facilities.

Can the flooring material be sloped to a drain with a cove to wall for easy wash down?

Roxset SE can be tailored to fall to drains and contour with coving.

Does the flooring expand and contract at a rate close to concrete?

Roxset SE has expansion joints to accomodate normal concrete movement.

Will it stay bonded during extreme temperatures?

Roxset SE will withstand extreme temperatures and stay solidly bonded.

Does the turn around time work with your production schedule?

Roxset SE has a large in-house installation team to cover critical projects 24×7.

Does the floor have anti microbial properties?

Roxset SE has been formulated with hygienic Anti Microbial properties.

Is the slip resistance available to be tailored for plant areas?

Roxset SE can be tailored to provide maximum performance throughout all plant activity areas.

Can it be colour coded?

Roxset SE has an extensive range of colours and can be colour matched to any corporate colour required.

Does it have extensive warranties?

Roxset SE has very extensive warranties and maintenance support.