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Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi

With little or no fanfare, Modus Operandi opened in July 2014 in Mona Vale, Sydney. Just 3 months later, in front of a packed house almost stunned into silence at the inaugural Craft Beer Industry Awards, its owners and brewer were invited to the stage to collect the trophy for Australia Best Amber/Dark Ale, then the Trophy for the Best IPA, then Champion Small Brewery, then Champion Australian Craft beer, how does that happen?

This tale began when husband and wife Grant and Jaz Wearin travelled to America on an extended vacation, touring, working and drinking at every brewery their campervan would take them to. The holiday mixed with lots of R&D in which they studiously noted all things that made breweries good and bad. They brought their ideas back to Sydney but more importantly, they brought back a brewer named DJ McCready. Together the three set about bringing the best American Style Craft beer to Australia.

One of the keys to their amazing success is first impressions go a long way. So on day one they launched seven beers including cream ale, pale ale, porter and two IPAs. With that core range being supplemented by a limited release of anything from coffee lager to passionfruit saison
and whisky barrel-aged porter giving clients a fun and diverse tasting sensation.

The Challenge

Along with the impressive beer list angled towards the beer connoisseur, they wanted the local community to enjoy the in-house environment with games, movie nights, bands and great food.

In July 2021, Jaz and Grant began work on their newest hospitality venue at Merewether, Newcastle, the large 3000sqm site has been planned to be a true landmark structure using sustainable environmental materials such
as rammed earth walls and oversize limestone rocks to add to the Rustic Appeal.

The Solution

Roxset Australia are proud to have worked with Modus Operandi and their general manager Matt Hogan to provide brewery production flooring to the brew house, commercial kitchen flooring, general public area flooring and amenities flooring.

ROXSET Epoxy Seamless Impervious HACCP-Accredited Coatings with a clear polyurethane finish were tailored to meet the traffic and activity throughout the new facility. Important elements for the various areas included chemical resistance, mechanical impact, hygiene and bacterial protection allowing for regular wash down and maintenance. The surface coatings were designed and tailored to meet the beige and white decor of the new hospitality venue.


ROXSET delivered outstanding & impressive coatings in our key cellar and processing areas of the Brewery, they worked brilliantly with all our team during the start up phase and we are confident the tailored floor coating solution will offer fantastic performance over the long term.

Jaz Wearin, Owner Modus Operandi