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Moon Dog Brewery

Moon Dog Brewery

In the unlikely place for a bar, in the seedy street of Abbotford’s industrial quarter, surrounded by panel beating shops and brothels, Moon Dog Brewery has never bothered with convention and in 2019 it opened an enormous warehouse location of nearly 12,000sqm in Preston VIC complete with waterfalls tropical lagoons and room for 725 patrons.

It was started as a brainchild of Josh and Jake Uljans and their friend Karl van Burren. The bar is as free spirited as it goes. There is free popcorn, a giant projector screen which drops down during key sporting events and table tennis which gets wheeled out in quieter periods.

The Challenge

Back in 2018, ROXSET Health & Safety Flooring were approached by the owners to assist in the installation of tailored non-slip Food Grade coatings of critical areas in the Cellar and Packaging areas. These areas cover up to 2000sqm.

It was imperative to the owners that with the significant investment and costs associated as part of the Brewery set up that they had an experienced company like ROXSET to partner with who have been working with large food and beverage companies for over 30 years and could provide additional technical support and advice with complex construction elements.

The Solution

The ROXSET SE3 premium trowel-on solution was laid at 4-6mm with 75mm radius over most of the 2000sqm area, in a Blue Bell colour.

This optimum Solution was installed to meet key requirements of the client, including HACCP Compliance, protection from corrosion with CIP and caustic solutions and long term performance criteria in excess of 20 years.

ROXSET delivered outstanding & impressive coatings in our key cellar and processing areas of the Brewery, they worked brilliantly with all our team during the long installation and start up phase and we are confident the tailored floor coating solution will offer fantastic performance over the long term.

Karl Van Burren, Owner Moon Dog Brewery