Mega Stong Floor for Mining Giant Rio Tinto

Global Mining giant Rio Tinto, a world leader in production of aluminium, copper, diamonds and coal was looking for a reliable, corrosion protection system that would ensure maximum integrity in the service bays for monster earth moving vehicles weighing up to 100 tonne.

Rio Tinto has a strong culture of making long term commitments to its operations as it affects both land and people across the globe. Wherever Rio Tinto operates, health and safety is the first priority.

Rio Tinto turned to ROXSET to provide a long term fail-safe solution for its vehicle maintenance area. The flooring specification called for:

  • Seamless and impervious coating
  • Rejuvenation of damaged and pitted floors
  • Non-pourous coating
  • Chemical resistant
  • Durable and easy to clean floor

The ROXSET SE heavy-duty epoxy mortar system was installed at 6mm. The system was installed with minimum downtime and provides a shrink free, highly chemical resistant coating which has excellent thermal and impact resistance.

The new floor has transformed a dull and damaged work environment into an attractive hard wearing and safe surface and complies with OH&S standard.