Food Processing

Simplot Tasmania

Simplot Tasmania

As one of the biggest food service providers in Australia, Simplot Australia wanted a high performance, ultra hard wearing floor for its vegetable factory which is regarded as one of the most modern and efficient facilities of its kind in the world. Simplot’s Tasmanian plants produce $600m to the Tasmanian economy.

Simplot Tasmania turned to ROXSET Health & Safety Flooring who have been providing services to the company for over 20 years Australia wide. With a Simplot factory producing up to 30,000tons of food product a day, operating 24hours a day 7 days a week it was critical the floor application was laid with minimum disruption to the production cycle and this could be achieved with ROXSET’s professional installation team.

ROXSET SE was the ideal surface underfoot for heavy-duty food processing manufacturing environment. Not only is ROXSET SE strong, acid resistant and easily cleaned it is designed to provide protection in aggressive environments against chemical attack and reduce the bacteria population on the surface. This coating is also environmentally friendly with “NO VOC’s” (volatile organic compounds). ROXSET SE is both HACCP & AQIS compliant and is designed to provide anti-slip protection up to R13, the maximum rating for food environments. The continuous seamless resin coating and coving installed at floor junctions gives a monolithic surface that provides unparalleled corrosion protection. ROXSET SE is also engineered to offer industrial grade protection from mechanical and thermal shock resistance on the floor.

ROXSET SE is a bespoke solution for manufacturing environments where introducing bright colour, texture and signage to working zones and walkways can help manufacturing facilities run more efficiently as well as uplift and energize the workforce.- a key reason as to why the floor has become one of the most important factors for companies involved in the lean manufacturing scheme.