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A Spicy New Coating for Jewel

A Spicy New Coating for Jewel Fine Foods

Jewel Fine Foods opened its doors in 1997 as a small restaurant that was renowned for their fantastic tasting curries, three years later they were producing food for the Olympic Games in 2000. In 2008, Jewel introduced chilled ready to eat Indian meals to major Australian supermarkets, such as Coles and Aldi and in 2017 moved to a large 10,000sqm factory in Sydney’s Inner South.

Long Term Partnership

Roxset is proud of its long association with Jewel Fine Foods in providing superior high quality production flooring systems. Recently Jewel Fine Foods upgraded their floor in the high care and low care food preparation and cooking area of the new State of the Art Food Production Factory.

The new Jewel Factory

Roxset has installed production floors continually for over 15 years to Jewel Fine Foods and recently covered over 10000sqm in its new factory. One of the key challenges of the job was to install a 7000sqm screed and coating system with the ROXSET SE Flooring System at 6mm and complete 1.2km of coving and Hobbs during the very accelerated installation period of 28 days.

The Challenge

Jewel had trialed other production floor solutions and recognised the critical importance of a non slip, highly durable system, from a specialist in the Food Industry, which needed to be very long lasting and did not fail causing expensive disruption to the production process.

The Solution

Jewel Fine Foods saw Roxset SE as a premium value system and chose a colour-fast brilliant Red & Blue coating to delineate work areas and screed toppings allowing Jewel to change floor operations as new machinery became available; these screeds are designed to take forklift loads.

In our fast moving dynamic environment we needed a partner to provide a highly responsive,
quality floor coating solution which met strict Hygiene and Food Grade standards, Roxset has
always impressed us by consistently going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

Kishore Matta, Managing Director

Roxset’s close association with Senior Management over many years, was able to produce a result unique and tailored to their specific needs. Jewel fine foods outputs a vast array of ready eat meals in the Australian market – plus is an international food supplier who have won numerous prestigious awards.