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Warburn Estate Winery

Warburn Estate Winery

With outstanding success in both the Australian and International wine market, Warburn Estate is an iconic Winery established in 1969 in Griffith which has placed its unparalleled achievements on selecting consistent quality and expertise.

As a proud pioneering Italian family, the Sergi’s have grown Warburn Estate into a multi-million dollar business with extensive domestic and export sales.As part of its ongoing focus on maintaining a quality facility which meets Best Practice with HACCP & AQIS compliance, Warburn Estate turned to ROXSET to provide a hygienic and durable floor finish for its wine finishing area.

Wineries need to be kept thoroughly hygienic at all times, especially to limit the detection of ‘Bretttanomyces’, which is a wine spoilage yeast. Winery floors not properly maintained offer an ideal breading ground for nasty microbes to take a foothold, old floors offer a myriad of nooks and crannies away from the superficial effects of wash-downs and this can be found within cracks in hard to get at corners, expansion joints and equipment footings.

In parallel with meeting best practice standards at Warburn Estate, ROXSET installed ROXSET SE with its proven ability in the wine industry over many years for Chemical & Acid Resistance; ROXSET SE is a totally impervious and non-porous surface. Warburn Estate opted for a 4-6mm system across 1100sqm with 300ml coving around the tank footings/plinths, this will provide protection from common corrosive acids such as Citric, Tartaric and Lactic and the ROXSET SE surface is a Non-Toxic material.