Existing Floor Preparation

Exsisting Floor Removal – Starting from the ground level ensuring your foundations are ready.

The key to a durable, long lasting production floor starts with solid foundations. A new floor is only as good as the surface it’s laid upon.

Plumbing and Drainage – Repair & upgrade of exsisting Floor Drainage & Waste Outlets.

The positioning and type of drainage is an important factor when designing a new floor. The speed at which large amounts of liquids can be dispersed to the required waste channels improves safety slip resistance. We have a variety of options to choose from including slot drains, Trench drains, Formed spoon and dish drains, basket trap, grated trench and pit waste outlets. All Roxset flooring systems have a trowel finish graded to waste outlets & drains to ensure a protective impervious finish that maintains the integrity of the substrate. Roxset works with various plumbers and have of have a team of professionals that work with us to achieve the correct infrastructure and upgrade or change any plumbing works before laying the new floor.

Screeding & Coving – Preparing your new floor to enhance durability structure and maintenance.

Roxset Screeds & Toppings comes with a trowell finish graded to waste outlets. Screening aids in many areas and is used to fix existing surfaces that are damaged, irregular or require height or directional changes. Using our unique coving technology, we are able to create a ‘Seamless’ finish from wall to floor. We can also create coves over any existing metal/steel structural fixtures that join the floor to assist in reducing any further deterioration of the equipment or structural beams due to the use of cleaning chemicals over time.

Expansion Joints

Our Expansion joints are made from pourable grade epoxy and provide a seamless flexible result. Joints are designed to protect the coating system by providing a sealed joint to absorb the thermal contraction or expansion of the concrete floor mass. All joints are load bearing and are unaffected by fork lifts and other heavy vehicles or equipment.