Floor Preparation Services

Starting from the ground level ensuring your foundations are ready.

The key to a durable, long lasting production factory floor starts with solid foundations. A new floor is only as good as the surface it’s laid upon. Roxset provides a range of floor preparation services including existing floor removal (removal of vinyl & tiled surfaces or existing epoxy flooring), substrate repair and waste outlet detail.

Roxset Flooring Preparation

The Roxset preparation system includes removal of existing vinyl, tile and resin coatings by, Scabbling, Shot Blasting and Diamond Grinding and other methods.

Features & Benefits

  • High bond integrity
  • Multiple surface type preparation
  • Fast productivity
  • Quality & assurance protection
  • Dealing with underlying issues

Roxset Multi-Layered Flooring Features

Find out more about our unique layered system

Roxset recognises that no one floor solution is suitable for every environment and aims to provide a range of coating options to suit your individual production requirements. We have developed a unique slip-resistant floor coating system, including: durable Epoxy Resin Flooring (Polyurethane concrete floor finishes and (PU) Flooring) Methyl methacrylate (MMA) Flooring & Polyester Flooring Systems and a seamless epoxy wall coating system.


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