Floor Preparation Services

Starting from the ground level ensuring your foundations are ready

The key to a durable, long lasting production factory floor starts with solid foundations. A new floor is only as good as the surface it’s laid upon. Roxset provides a range of floor preparation services including existing floor removal, substrate repair and waste outlet detail. The Roxset preparation system includes removal of existing vinyl, tile and resin coatings by, Scabbling, Shot Blasting, Diamond Grinding and other methods.

Features & Benefits

  • High bond integrity
  • Multiple surface type preparation
  • Fast productivity
  • Dealing with underlying issues

Substrate Assessment & Preparation

Roxset will provide a review of the existing structures substrate to identify any underlying issues or existing foundations that need to be repaired or upgraded before a flooring solution can be applied. We provide a range of concrete preparation services including existing floor removal (removal of vinyl &
tiled surfaces / existing epoxy flooring), substrate repair work and waste outlet detail modifications.

Plumbing & Drainage

All Roxset flooring systems have a trowel finish graded to waste outlets & drains to ensure a protective impervious finish that maintains the integrity of the substrate. Roxset works with various plumbers and have of have a team of professionals that work to achieve the correct infrastructure and will upgrade or change existing plumbing works before laying the new floor.

Screeding, Coving & Expansion Joints

By using wall to floor coving, it results in easily cleaned & waterproof surface. All Roxset flooring coving has a hand trowel smooth impervious finish. We can also create coves over any existing metal/steel structural fixtures that join the floor to assist in reducing any further deterioration of the equipment or structural beams due to the use of cleaning chemicals over time.

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Our Services

Customised solutions to ensure the best result

Roxset Australia recognises that no one floor solution is suitable for every environment and aims to provide a custom tailored solution to suit our customers requirements. We spend time covering all the critical production requirements to ensure the best solution with the quickest turnaround time is achieved.