Design & Planning

Mapping of Floor Areas – Reviewing and selecting the locations to be done

Roxset will discuss with you each individual area involved and assist in the design and planning of each area to be addressed. These include;

  • Large scale main production floors
  • Cool rooms & store rooms
  • Entry ways, common areas
  • Ramps, walkways & corridors

Jointing Options

ROXSET LV Jointing material is an excellent crack filler/sealer, low viscosity concrete repair and also binder for old concrete to freshly poured concrete topping: suitable as a primer to resurface flooring, and patching extensively degraded concrete. The superior Roxset adhesive can bond old concrete to freshly poured concrete thus eliminating “cold joints” between old and new concrete.

Coving Options (Roxset SE, SL, PU, UV)

Our coving technology is unique in the market connecting walls and floors to create a seamless impervious `One Surface’ solution, resulting in an easily cleaned & waterproof surface. We offer a variety of coving profiles, and these can be finished with a radius that meet all regulatory requirements. They can also be used to repair localised or extensively damaged areas.

Drainage Options (Slot drains, trench drains, basket trap waste outlets, spoon & dish drains)

Roxset coving and joinery comes with a trowel finish graded to waste outlets and drains as required.

Coatings, Colour & Line Marking Options

There are many options available and all can be customised to suit the specific environment. You may have a requirement to designate specific areas, to include extra grip for non-slip areas and to identify no-go zones. Roxset will advise you on each individual material type and help you select the best option for each area.

  • Coating Options (Roxset SE, SL, PU, UV)
  • Line Marketings (Walkaways, safety areas, stairs)
  • Colour Options (Branding & enhancing the overall finish)

What are your timeline goals

Roxset understands that a project of this size can have a major impact on production downtime. This is why we offer a 24 hours a day 7 days a week installation service a to ensure your timeline goals can be achieved. For businesses that operate high volume continuous production, the time required to replace the existing floor is of critical importance. Curing periods for concrete slabs are generally 28 days (7 days per 25 mm thickness), However with the use of our green concrete intermediary, Roxset W, new concrete can be coated (in most circumstances) within 36 hours of the concrete being laid.