Flooring Coving Options & Profiles

Our flooring coving technology is unique in the market

By using wall to floor coving, we connect wall and floor coatings to create a seamless impervious ‘One Surface’ solution. It results in easily cleaned & waterproof surface. All Roxset flooring coving has a hand trowel smooth impervious finish. We can also create coves over any existing metal/steel structural fixtures that join the floor to assist in reducing any further deterioration of the equipment or structural beams due to the use of cleaning chemicals over time.

Features & Benefits

  • Seamless floor to wall connectivity
  • Eliminates cracks & bacteria growth
  • Meets requirements with HACCP, AQIS, Food Safe & DPI & BRC
  • Easy to clean & maintain

Project Gallery

Roxset Multi-Layered Flooring Features

Find out more about our unique layered flooring technology

Colour Guide

We can match a colour or choose from our Colour Guide

The Roxset SE product range is coloured with a colour-flow dispersion to ensure a ‘colourfast’ floor throughout its life. We have a range of in-house colours to choose from, or we can also custom match any corporate colour desired.